If you have basic computer skills and want to use them to get into the media industry you can start by taking davinci resolve training These are courses that are designed to teach you how to produce great images and videos and this is a handy skill to have when it comes to post production. In fact, many production houses are now sending their editors and other crew to this course so that they can quickly learn how to use this powerful new software – it helps them produce work of much higher quality. If you want to join their ranks all you need to do is save the money that it takes to pay for davinci resolve by blackmagic

The course itself lasts 4 days that you can do all at once, or that you can split into two day blocks. During the first two days you will learn colour grading with davinci resolve, and then ion the other two you will learn colour correction. The software itself has powerful applications so it is important that you choose a school that has computers that quad core processors.

The school that you go to should have highly experienced trainers. They should be familiar with the course content but that is not enough – they should also be patient and encouraging and they should encourage students to think outside the box. Class sizes should be small as it allows the instructor to provide the one-on-one training that is required for this course.

DaVinci Resolve 14 courses are not cheap – they will cost you about £600 so you should make sure to shop carefully for a school so that you don’t waste your money. Choose one that has a good refund policy so that in case you cannot make it you can cancel without losing your money.